via Daily Prompt: Entertain


You may never understand
Her need to entertain
It’s become a driving force
Kind of odd, a little strange.

She has fancy napkins
Candlesticks​ and tablecloths
She prepares your coffee
Always, with a bit of froth.

Takes it to the limit
Pure silver and fine china
Breakfast,​ snacks or salad
She says it doesn’t matter.

She’ll prepare your Cheerios
In a Royal Dalton serving bowl
Her cutlery impressive
Made of silver, and of gold.

Every table setting
Will exceed your expectations
Martha Stewart’s recipes
Give her pause ​and pure elation.

Setting up and serving
It’s all in the presentation
She loves to set the table
A masterpiece, her own creation.

Upscale, somewhat pretentious
She’ll take off her jeans and sweater.
She’ll serve you in her evening gown
The more elaborate, the better.


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via Daily Prompt: Static


He’s creating static,
Causing irreversible harm
He’s a racist hypocrite
Who will sound the alarm?

Misogyny and bias
Deep within his core
Promoting hate and prejudice
What are we waiting for?

We must stand together
Fight for liberty
He wants to divide us
He’s destroying this country.

So vile and so despicable
Contempt for women’s right’s
Hate and greed his mantra
Spouting cruelty and spite.

No regard for justice
Bypasses every law
Thinks they don’t pertain to him
He’s the president, after all.

Collusion and emoluments
He’s so shallow, so artificial
How long can this go on
Before demanding​ his dismissal?

Arrogant and pompous
Racial slurs and condemnation
What’s stopping his impeachment
For money laundering and tax evasion?

Stand up and be counted
He has to be removed
The highest office in this nation
Should not be held, by a buffoon.


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Night has fallen….

He opens his eyes
Now out on patrol
Checks out familiar places
He knows just where to go.

His eyes of green reflected,
As a car comes round the corner
He ducks down and turns away
Fearful … he moves over.

Cabbage leaves, carrot peels
He’s hit the mother load
He eats his fill, then heads back home
Afraid someone will see him.

His furry face, his claws so sharp
He moves closer​ to the ground
Not wanting to be harmed
He cannot make a sound.

Suddenly he looks up
A dog barks in the distance
He has to hurry now
He has to pay attention.


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JusJoJan Prompt

So much aggravation
To put up with every day
Tons of senseless chatter
Getting in the way.

Why not mind your business?
Clean your own backyard
Stop putting your two cents in
Stop trying so damn hard.

To sabotage your neighbor
You bring shame upon your own
While you were busy blaming
While you were throwing stones.

Find your inspiration
Don’t let them bring you down
Don’t let their need to aggravate
Turn your world upside​ down.

Stand for peace and honor
Let your voice be heard
Stop the spread of prejudice
By having the last word.


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via Daily Prompt: Evoke


Your name evokes an image
I wish I could wipe clean
Wish I could erase the memories
Wish you were just a dream.

Running from the nightmare
That you helped to create
I thought that I had fallen for
And found my true soul mate.

But, the devil wears disguises
Blonde hair and bright blue eyes
She can get inside you
She can make you cry.

The candlelight,​ the music
Helps to lure the innocent
Before you even know it
You’re a willing participant.

My heart is truly broken
I can’t get over you
I wish I had the answer
And knew just what to do.

Maybe I should see a doctor
Ask for a lobotomy
Try to stop the pain and hurt
So deep inside of me.


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via Daily Prompt: Carve


He gave me a call and asked me to lunch
I took the drive out to the country
He lived all alone on a ten-acre​ farm
Across the river, not far​ from me.

Once I was there, while standing alone
Looking out at a lovely view
I was terrified when he approached me
And I realized, what he was going to do.

He held up a knife, 10 inches long
Said “I could carve you into a million pieces”.
Was this an attempt to frighten me?
It was hardly intended to please me.

I felt the cold blade of steel, so sharp
As he brushed it lightly across my face
I was shaking I almost wet myself
My heart began to race.

The sound of his voice gave me the chills
I should never have come on my own
I thought this guy was good ole boy
And now I was with him, alone.

He lived in a cabin, six miles from town
Enjoyed living a distance away
I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life
I should never have gone there, that day.

I was hoping that he was just joking
Maybe he was just fooling around
If for some reason I didn’t make it back home
I wondered if my body’d be found.

No neighbors in sight, they were miles away
No one would hear me ​if I screamed
I started to panic, then wondered if he
Was really that evil and mean.

I decided to go, I wanted to leave
It was then that he started laughing
He reached out to put his arm around me
I didn’t know just what was happening.

I got to the door, got into my car
I was shaking and out of breath
I never should have trusted him
He really scared​ me half to death.


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JusJoJan Prompt: Humiliate

He did his best, to humiliate me
Despite my concern for his wellbeing
I did what I could, to look out for him
But after years of abuse, I was leaving.

Years of his lies and demeaning remarks
How many times did we play out this scene?
My arm would be twisted behind my back
It hurt so bad, I would scream.

Blood on the towel, I was sure it was broken
My nose would continue to bleed
This kind of love was not what I wanted
It was hard for​ me to believe.

It wasn’t love​ that kept me there
It was a lack of respect for myself
My need to submit, his need to control
It was clear that we both needed help.

The arguing got louder, the tensions higher
I felt his hands wrap around my throat
As he squeezed harder, I couldn’t breathe
I gasped for air, as I frantically choked.

I thought he was going to end my life
He stood there with hate in his eyes
He finally released his grasp on my neck
It was then that I realized.

The threatening words, the physical pain
Why was I putting up with it all?
I should have called the police, right then
But, I was scared and afraid to call.

He said he was sorry, he begged my forgiveness
I gave in and hung up the phone
He held me close and began to cry
I was afraid, I felt so alone.

But, like a switch on the wall, the light came on
When he fell asleep, I made my move
I packed my bags, I walked out the door
Left a note that read, “We’re Through”!


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